Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator?

A wedding planner works with you every step of the way to plan your wedding. They assist you in “planning” your wedding from day one up until the big day. This can start 12 months before or 6 months before. A planner will help you select themes, colors, venues, vendors, budgeting, and anything else wedding related along with being there on the day of your wedding to help out. And that is where a wedding coordinator comes in. A coordinator is someone who “coordinates” the day of events. They will meet with you a month before your wedding to get a list of your vendors and tasks to accomplish day of. They will assist with set up, tear down, act as a contact for your vendors on that day and handle anything else that arises. A coordinator is there for your one big day while a planner is there through the whole process for those late night, last minute, crazy ideas and to figure out how to create everything that you dream of.